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Are Brugmansia Angel's Trumpet Plants Dangerous?

Are Brugmansia Angel's Trumpet Plants Dangerous?

Many things in life are dangerous, but generally a common sense approach to how we live and conduct ourselves, is what minimises risk.

If there's any doubt, yes, this also applies to growing and handling brugmansia angel's trumpet plants.

The internet is a wonderful source of information and ideas. Unfortunately, when it comes to Brugmansia Angel's Trumpet plants, you'll uncover a wealth of hype, drama and misinformation online.

 "Angel's Trumpets can kill", they say.

Let's look at the facts... As with many common garden plants, all parts of Brugmansia Angel's Trumpet plants are highly toxic... however they are only toxic if consumed and it's this key fact that is deliberately omitted by those posting misinformation online in an attempt to cause fear in would be gardeners. It should come as no surprise that this misinformation is purported by those who lack common sense and prefer to live their lives in a heightened state of perpetual fear and drama! It stands to reason that the only people "Angel's Trumpets can kill" are those foolish enough to chose to consume the plant... choice being the operative word here!

All parts of the plant contain the toxic alkaloids scopolamine, atropine and hyoscyamine and can cause serious illness or death if consumed. Those who apply common sense when working with plants have no cause for concern. Just remember when handling them to wash your hands well afterwards.

And to those who ask, "Is there an increased risk in growing brugmansia angel's trumpets plants if I have pets or children?"... no there is not. I have children, a dog, cats and chickens... none of us have ever experienced problems in handling or living around brugmansia angel's trumpet plants. Many things in life are dangerous and our role as parents is to educate our children, not increase their risk by sheltering them or removing the very objects that are there to assist in educating them. I've never had pets that chew things and I don't know of any animals that eat plants... generally animals instinctively refrain from eating things with an unpleasant taste, which I believe brugmansia angel's trumpet plants are known to have. That said, there's always a first time and I'd imagine if you've a pet who does chew and dig around plants, then perhaps this is a plant to keep away from them. It doesn't mean not growing them at all. Common sense at play here... it simply means enjoy them, where you're pet can't access them.

Happy growing!

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