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'Bauhinia - Mexican Tree Orchid' Seeds

Bauhinia divaricata


Organic | Open Pollinated


  • Shrub - small evergreen tree 3-6m
  • Pink and white whispy flowers year round
  • Fast growing (prune to desired size)
  • Drought tolerant
  • Frost tender when young
  • Bird, bee and butterfly attracting


Also known as Butterfly Orchid Tree, Bull Hoff and Mexican Butterfly Bush


Native to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the Mexican Orchid Tree is a beautiful small evergreen tree to 6m, which develops a nice umbrella shaped crown. Pink and white whispy, butterfly attracting flowers, bloom all year round.


Evergreen in warm climates; defoliates at 25C and below.


Ideal for spaces where they can be observed and appreciated up close.

Bauhinia - Mexican Tree Orchid

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  • Genus Bauhinia
    Species Divaricata
    Common name Bauhinia - Mexican Orchid Tree
    Type Perennial
    Flower color White and pink
    Foliage Evergreen
    Perfumed flowers No
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