Canna Indica is a large, long-lived (i.e. perennial) herbaceous plant growing up to 2 m tall and spreading laterally by means of fleshy underground stems (i.e. rhizomes). Features delicate red flowers and large glossy emerald green foliage. The species is also called Indian shot because the exceptionally hard, round seeds resemble shotgun pellets. 


Height: 1-2 m
Best climate: Canna grow in most parts of Australia
Flowering time: Spring to Summer
Uses: Mass planted in blocks of a single colour.

Growing Notes


  • Full sun 
  • Moist, rich, well-drained soil
  • Water well and keep plants mulched
  • Responds well to applications of manure
  • Remove spent flowers
  • Lift and divide the plants every three years
  • Click here for seed germination instructions

Canna Indica 'Canna Lily' Indian Shot Seeds

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Product Choice
  • Species Canna Indica
    Cultivar Indian Shot Canna Lilly
    Category Herbaceous perennial
    Flower color Red and yellow


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