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'Marigold, African - Crackerjack' Seeds

Tagetes erecta


  • Annual to 90cm
  • Good for borders, containers and as a cut flower
  • Gold, yellow and orange
  • Edible
  • Medicinal uses
  • Naturally repells mosquitoes
  • Great in chicken feed for improvng yellow egg colour


Annual growing to 90cm. Large showy double flowers in a mix of gold, yellow and orange. Very attractive; good for borders, containers and as a cut flower. Fast growing. Long flowering.



Fantastic addition to brighten up salads. Dried marigold petals can be used to make tea. The dried, ground flowers are used as chicken feed to enhance the characteristic yellow color of chicken skin and egg yolk.


Medicinal Uses

Studies show marigold flavanoids to have anti-microbial effects against staph, but the most impressive features of the flower are its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Calendula cream or ointment, made from the flower, promotes granulation and collagen formation — an important step in wound healing. Tagetes is used for digestive tract problems including poor appetite, gas, stomach pain, colic, intestinal worms, and dysentery. It is also used for coughs, colds, mumps, fluid retention, and sore eyes; and causing sweating. People sometimes apply the petals directly to the skin for treating sores, pimples and ulcers.


The medicinal information is general in nature and not to be considered advice. Seek your own expert advice before ingesting any plant.

Marigold, African - Crackerjack

  • Genus Tagetes
    Species Erecta
    Common name Marigold, African - Crackerjack
    Type Annual
    Flower color Gold, yellow and orange
    Foliage Green
    Perfumed flowers No
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