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'Nasturtium - Blue Pepe' Seeds

Tropaeolum majus




  • Trailing/climbing annual 100cm
  • Bright red flowers
  • Blue foliage with purple undersides
  • Culinary and medicinal herb with a peppery flavour
  • Suits borders, beds, rockeries, hanging baskets and containers


Nasturtium - Blue Pepe  is a unique European variety bred specifically for culinary use. The name is derived from its unusual steel-blue leaves with purplish undersides. The leaves have a slightly peppery taste, reminiscent of watercress. The flavour becomes spicier when the flowers are grown in sunnier, hotter weather. 

Nasturtium - Blue Pepe

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  • Genus Trapaeolum
    Species Majus
    Common Name Nasturtium - Blue Pepe
    Hardiness / Life Cycle Annual
    Growth Habit Trailing, climbing
    Flower Form Single
    Flower Colour Red
    Foliage Blue/gree with purple undersides
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