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'Nasturtium - Phoenix' Seeds

Tropaeolum minus




  • Annual 30cm
  • Trailing, vining and mounding habit
  • Mix of bright and pastel shades of gold, red, orange, cream, peach and salmon
  • Bright green ivy-leaf shaped foliage
  • One of the easiest and most productive varities of nasturtiums
  • Profuse and long lasting flowering
  • Culinary and medicinal herb with a peppery flavour
  • Suits pots, rockeries, hanging baskets, fences and arbours
  • Bee and butterfly attracting


Nasturtium - Phoenix is an unusual herbaceous annual, developed in Britain, offering the versatility of trailing, climbing and mounding habits. The plant produces bright green ivy-shaped foliage and flowers "cut" into 3 to 4 points, resemblant of flames or fish tails, in bright and pastel shades of gold, red, orange, cream, peach and salmon. Many of the petals are brushed with mahogany at the base. This variety is very profuse and long lasting, flowering early in Summer and right through till winter. In warmer climates it can produce all year round.

Nasturtium - Phoenix

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  • Genus Trapaeolum
    Species Minus
    Common Name Nasturtium - Phoenix
    Hardiness / Life Cycle Annual
    Growth Habit Trailing, vining, mounding
    Flower Form Single
    Flower Colour Gold, red, orange, cream, peach and salmon
    Foliage Green
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