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Online Brugmansia & Seed Store for the Australian Gardener.
Brugmansia plants and open pollinated,
certified organic, organic, heirloom, non-GMO flower, fruit, vegetable, herb and shrub/tree seeds.



About Us

Brugmansia plants & seeds delivered to your door

Brugmansia Maya

Online nursery specialising in brugmansia plants and a large range of seeds 

Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets are experienced growers and online retailers of the exotic, subtropical Brugmansia plants, known commonly as Angel's Trumpets. 


Here in Brisbane, Queensland, we grow and stock the largest range of brugmansia angel's trumpet plants in Australia and offer our customers the convenience of online shopping and delivery Australia wide.


We also stock a range of heirloom, organic, certified organic, non-gmo, open pollinated, flower seeds, vegetable seeds, herb seeds, fruit seeds, herb seeds, tree / shrub seeds as well as Datura seeds.

View our full range on this website, pricing and purchase. We offer secure credit card payments and shipping Australia wide*.

Our range

Largest range of Brugmansia plants in Australia

Our aim is to provide many varieties of seed all in the one place, to save you having to purchase what you want from multiple retailers. You would be hard pressed to find a retailer that stocks our range of nasturtium, penstemon and sweet pea seeds.

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Aster seeds
Atherton Raspberry seeds

Bergamot seeds
Borage seeds
Calendula seeds
Canna Lily seeds
Canterbury Bell seeds
Cape Gooseberry seeds

Chamomile seeds
Cleome seeds
Cornflower seeds

Datura seeds
Echinacea seeds
Globe Amaranth seeds
Foxglove seeds
Fruit seeds
Herb seeds
Ipomoea seeds
Larkspur seeds
Marigold seeds
Nasturtium seeds
Native Raspberry seeds
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Tamarillo seeds

Tomato Seeds
Vegetable seeds

Zinnia seeds

brugmansia illustration

About Brugmansia

There are few plants as wonderfully impressive as Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpets). Brugmansia are woody trees or shrubs with pendulous, trumpet-shaped flowers. They are evergreen and flower most of the year. These easy-care, exotic, subtropical beauties are truly a sight to behold when in flower, for when they flower, they usually do so profusely and regularly and in addition many cultivars release the most heavenly fragrance* in the early mornings and evenings.

Warm climate cultivars are all perfumed, with varying degrees of intensity. Cool climate brugmansias generally aren't perfumed. Where the perfume of a brugmansia is known, it will be clearly stated on our website.

Growing Requirements

Perfumed flowers

ideal for pots.png

Suitable for pots


Prune to shape

Brugmansia height

1-4m width x 3-6m height

Brugmansia growing conditions

Suits full sun positions (dislikes hot afternoon summer sun)

Brugmansia growing conditions

Prefers part shade

Brugmansia growing conditions

Regular deep watering

Why buy from us?

Why buy from us?


24/7 Online Shopping

Convenient online shopping with secure payments. We accept all major credit cards.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 3.46.03 pm.png

Generous Cutting Size

All our brugmansia cuttings are supplied as 20-25cm semi-hardwood lengths, with bare-rooted cuttings being longer on account of roots and leaves.


Big Range, Low Prices

We grow a large range of Brugmansia cultivars. We even offer bulk buy packs, with greater savings! We also stock a range of datura, flower, fruit, herb, vegetable, shrub/tree, medicinal/edible, exotic, heirloom, open-pollinated and organic seeds.


Free Shipping

Free standard shipping on orders over $250. Postage  calculated during checkout.


Ts & Cs apply.


Learn More

Join our Facebook group to chat all things Brugmansia with our members. 


Experience & Reputation

Experienced growers with an excellent reputation, happy customers and a well established business, having been operational since 2016.

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