The following terms & conditions apply to your use of this website and all purchases made through Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets.



Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets are speciality growers and online retailers, located in Brisbane Australia. We offer a large range of Brugmansia cultivars, organic seed packs and other general plant species for online purchase through this website. We do not operate a retail store open to the public.
Orders are shipped Australia wide (excluding TAS, NT and WA due to quarantine restrictions), with the exception of established plants, which are available by pick up only (contactless collection) and by appointment, from our Brisbane Qld location.
As an online retail store, all contact with us is via email. We do not offer a phone contact service.


All known information specific to each cultivar, is detailed on that cultivars respective product page.

  • All plants are checked before dispatch and leave us in excellent condition.

  • All plants are sold in good faith that the cultivar name applied, is the correct cultivar name. Where we are unsure of a cultivar name, the plant is labelled as (N), meaning 'No Identification', or as is commonly referenced in the industry 'NOID'.

  • The range shown on our website, is an indication of the cultivars we generally grow all year round. We're always introducing new products to our online shop, so do subscribe/become a member to stay up to date with news and be the first to find out about new releases and special offers.

  • Item Out Of Stock - Where an item/s you want to order is out of stock, understand this is because when cuttings are taken from our plants to propagate plants for sale, it takes time for the plant to regrow and for cuttings to be propagated. In addition, Brugmansia growth slows in cooler months which further reduces our stocks. If an item is out of stock, simply click on the NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE button on that items product page. Subscribers and our Facebook group members will receive special offers, advice of new releases and notification when items come back into stock. We do not maintain a waiting list or offer guesses as to when certain items will be back in stock.


  • We offer a choice of both bare-rooted and unrooted cuttings, in minimum 20-25cm semi-hardwood lengths (roots and foliage add extra length on bare-rooted cuttings). For those customers who are confident in their gardening skills, unrooted cuttings are a great money saver. They are very easy to propagate, but even the most experienced growers (myself included) do have losses.

  • These items are available for purchase through our online shop, via Australia Post shipping only.  

  • Rooted cuttings are sold as bare-rooted. Some leaves will be removed to prevent stress to the plant during shipping and the soil will be washed from the roots, which will then be surrounded in moist packing material prior to shipping. The base of unrooted cuttings are prepared for shipping in the same manner as bare-rooted cuttings. 


  • We regularly stock larger established brugmansia plants available for sale. Generally, established plants are rooted cuttings exceeding 30cm (up to 1.2 m) and with well developed foliage and roots. Established plants are priced according to size and cultivar type. Click here for more information.

  • Established plants are available by contactless collection within 7 days of purchase, from Kenmore Queensland 4069, by appointment. Our pick up address will be provided to customers once their order collection appointment has been scheduled.  

  • Orders must be picked up within 7 days of purchase and at your scheduled appointment. Where this does not occur, orders are automatically cancelled and refunded less an administration fee of $15AUD. We do not hold stock.


  • We stock a range of organic, non-GMO seeds. Germination instructions are available here.




  • All purchases (excluding established plants) are made via our online shop.

  • Customers check pricing and availability of stock (excluding established plants) via the  online shop. For information on how to purchase established plants, click here.

  • Orders (excludes established plants) must be received by 12:00pm Sunday to be eligible for our next day Monday shipping.

  • We offer secure credit card or PayPal payments.

  • Pricing is quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and is subject to change without notice.  

  • Customers are responsible for ensuring a valid shipping address is provided in their order. For orders paid by PayPal, the shipping address in your order must match with your PayPal account shipping address, so as to ensure compliance with PayPal's policy that applies to us in such a third party transaction.  

  • Once an order is submitted, it cannot be cancelled, or modified. Please ensure you check your order carefully before submitting, as you are solely responsible for the information provided, from which we will then reference to process and ship your order. 


  • There are no special offers available at this time, except for some bulk buy specials, which you can learn more about here.



  • Shipping price is calculated based on the combined weight of an order. Customers will be presented with Standard Post and Express Post options, displayed during check out.

  • Orders are shipped to the address provided in your online order form.

  • Orders are shipped Australia wide, excluding NT, WA and TAS due to quarantine restrictions.

  • We do not ship internationally.

  • All orders are shipped via Australia Post, therefore we do not accept special delivery instructions.

  • It is the customers responsibility to check any special delivery restrictions and/ delays that Australia Post may have imposed at any given time. You can check service updates here.

  • Seeds Only: All orders of seeds only, are shipped via Domestic Letter. We offer Standard letter post with tracking, or Express letter post with tracking. 

  • Established Plants: Established plants are not shipped. These items are sold on the basis of pick up in person (contactless collection) from Brisbane Qld and by appointment. If you request pricing and indicate you cannot pick up an order, no response to such requests will be provided. 

  • Orders are shipped Monday's weekly, excluding public holidays and during times of brief closure for family holidays. 

  • Orders must be received by 12:00pm Sunday to be eligible for our next day Monday shipping, unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions.

  • Where a customer qualifies for free shipping on orders $250AUD+, such orders are sent by standard post including tracking.

  • During warmer weather (and any delays/restrictions indicated by Australia Post), we encourage you to purchase Express Post for your order. This cuts down on the time your cuttings will be in transit, which with any live item, is always wise.

  • Once your order has been shipped, you will be sent a shipping notification email, which will include your tracking ID, so you can track the status of your delivery.

  • Cuttings and plants are shipped securely packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.  Seeds are posted securely in an envelope.

  • We do not offer pick up in person, except in the case of purchases of established plants.

  • We do not accept responsibility for loss or delays caused by Australia Post. Once we've shipped your order, notified you via the issuing of a shipping notification email and provided you the tracking ID (where applicable), any issues from this point on become a matter between you (the customer) and Australia Post. We will not enter into matters between customers and Australia Post. We will not liaise with Australia Post on your behalf, nor will we offer any form of compensation for delays/loss/damage caused by Australia Post.

  • Where more than one order is received and all are due for shipping on the same date, we reserve the right to ship all orders in the one parcel, where that is possible. In such circumstances, no partial postage refund will be issued, per our refund policy. Understand that this policy is in place, because spending time modifying orders, comes at a cost to us that cannot be recouped. It is your responsibility to check your order/s before submitting

  • No paperwork is sent with your order. Your order confirmation email should be considered proof of purchase. 


  • As with any plant (including seeds), many factors impact upon growing success, from your unique climatic conditions, soils, pests, the level of care you provide and your growing skills and knowledge themselves. Accordingly, we do not offer growing advice as such, but rather we provide some useful growing information, for your consideration. Plants and seeds are not items that come with any guarantee of success. Brisbane Brugmansia Angel’s Trumpets will not be responsible whatsoever, for actions taken by the customer after receipt of the goods, this includes germination and propagation results, plant/crop performance or loss, as these factors are beyond our control.

  • All customers are advised to do their own independent research on Brugmansia (and all other products we sell) and decide if it is a plant they are confident they can grow. 

  • We recommend you consider joining our Facebook group, which is a community of brugmansia growers sharing photos, growing tips and advice. This is the best place to learn more about growing these plants and particularly to learn climate specific growing tips from members who live in your own town/city.


  • Refunds are not offered, except in cases that fall within our cancellation policy, or where an item is out of stock, or unable to be supplied due to unforeseen circumstances. Whilst we keep our website stock levels up to date, these are live plants, which means there are sometimes situations where stock may have been damaged eg weather, pests (ie grasshoppers)... even brush turkeys have been known to knock over and damage plants at times etc

  • Returns are not offered. Customers are expected to reference all information provided on our website to decide if they wish to place an order and/ contact us with any questions prior to placing an order.

  • All orders are checked for quality before being dispatched and leave us in excellent, healthy condition. In any circumstance where we deem a plant doesn't look healthy, we will always contact the customer and ask if there is an alternate product they'd like, or offer a refund. No unhealthy plant is ever dispatched

  • Plants and seeds are not items that come with any guarantee of success. Brisbane Brugmansia Angel’s Trumpets will not be responsible whatsoever, for actions taken by the customer after receipt of the goods, this includes germination and propagation results, plant/crop performance or loss, as these factors are beyond our control. Customers are not entitled to a refund for plants/seeds they are unsuccessful in growing.


Where a customer order must be cancelled, due to actions caused by the customer (eg failure to read all information provided on our website) and through no fault of ours, a $15 administrative fee will apply to any refund processed. As a small family owned business, time spent resolving errors not of our doing, cost us money and this administration fee is a means of covering those costs. Customers will be notified of an order cancellation, by email. Following are some of the reasons orders are required to be cancelled:
  1. Where a customer provides an invalid shipping address in their order, we will send an email requesting the customer amend their order shipping address. No order will be dispatched until customer corrects their shipping address.
  2. Where a customer orders an established plant and fails to pick it up within 7 days of purchase, the order will be automatically cancelled.


Your information is safe and secure with us. We never pass on any customer information to third parties. We a small family run business and all information you provide to us, is used by us, solely to facilitate the processing of orders and for future communication and issuing of marketing related material and promotions we may inform you of from time to time. Where you no longer wish to receive emails from us, you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time and you do so by clicking the relevant link in the email you receive.


We have gone to considerable time and effort to design this website, not only as a means of enabling customers to purchase our products online, but as a comprehensive informational source. Whilst we welcome questions, before you make contact, please ensure you check the website first to see if you can find the information you are looking for.  We do not generally respond to emails, where people ask for information that is clearly detailed  on our website.

We have a zero tolerance for abuse policy. When you communicate with us, ensure that you treat us with respect and dignity at all times. Abusive communications will not be tolerated or responded to.