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About Us

Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets


We're an online retail nursery, specialising in brugmansia plants and flower, vegetable, fruit, herb and tree / shrub seeds. We stock the largest range of brugmansia cultivars in Australia.


Here in sunny, subtropical Brisbane, we organically (no nasty pesticides used) grow a large range of single and double flowering brugmansia angel's trumpet plants all year round and offer customers the convenience of online shopping, secure online payments and Australia wide* shipping. 


Whether you're an experienced gardener, or just starting out, there's something for everyone and all budgets, from the very economical unrooted cuttings, to bare-rooted cuttings and established plants.  We even stock a range of certified organic, organic, heirloom, open pollinated, non-GMO fruit seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, vegetable seeds, tree/shrub seeds and  datura seeds. 

As an online store, we don't operate a nursery open to the general public. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly, efficient, knowledgeable service and quality plants. Our reviews speak for themselves.

  • 24/7 Online shopping

  • Secure online payments (All major credit cards)

  • Big range, low prices 

  • Useful growing tips provided

  • Membership to our Facebook Group (great for growing tips and advice)

  • Excellent customer reviews

  • Australia wide shipping, excluding TAS, NT and WA due to quarantine restrictions.

  • Free Standard Post + Tracking, on orders $250+

Want to learn more about growing Brugmansia?

We invite you to join our Facebook Group ... a friendly, welcoming community of passionate Brugmansia growers, who share photos of their growing successes (and failures), growing tips and advice. One of the most useful aspects of our Facebook group, is that it gives you an opportunity to seek out specific climatic advice, from growers in your own part of Australia.​​

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