What is a bare-rooted cutting?

Bare-rooted cuttings are sold as 20-25 cm semi-hardwood lengths, with both roots and developing foliage (additional length). In preparation for shipping, some of the foliage is removed (this minimises plant distress during transit) the soil is washed away and the roots wrapped in moist packing material. Our cuttings are initially either water rooted or soil rooted.

What is an unrooted cutting?

Unrooted cuttings are sold as 20-25cm minimum semi-hardwood lengths, with no roots or foliage. In preparation for shipping the base of the cutting is wrapped in moist packing material.

Do you sell larger, more established plants?

We have established plants available for purchase, in limited supply and at various times throughout the year. For further information, click here. Established plants are available for contactless collection from Kenmore 4069 Queensland by appointment only and within 7 days of purchase. Shipping is not available. The pick up address is provided to customers with a confirmed order. We do not publish our address, as we grow these plants from our private family residence.

What does it mean when a plant is labelled as (N)?

Any plant labelled "(N)", indicates the Brugmansia cultivar name is unknown. You may here this referred to as "noid" which simply means no identification. Whilst a cultivar id is nice to have it's generally not important to anyone choosing a plant based on its beatiful flowers.

The item/s I want to order are out of stock.

In order to be the first to hear when items come back into stock you can subscribe, or simply visit our website often to check on the availability of products you are interested in. We do not maintain a waiting list, nor do we give guestimates as to when items will be back in stock. Understand that we are growers and retailers and growing is a process that takes time. Stock availability varies depending on time of year, how quickly stock sells out and also during propagation, some cuttings will not be successful.

Where are you located?

As an online retail store, we do not operate a physical store open to the generall public. We are located in Brisbane (Kenmore 4069) Australia. We offer pickup in person (via contactless collection) to customers with orders of established plants only. The pick up address is provided to customers with a confirmed order, once a contactless collection date and time is scheduled. We do not publish the address, as this is our private family residence.

Are Angel's Trumpets dangerous?

There is alot of misinformation about these plants in circulation, due largely to these plants having been used in some cultures as an hallucinogenic drug. However, like many common garden plants, all parts of Brugmansia are potentially toxic only if consumed. Handling thse plants poses no risk.

Are all Brugmansias perfumed?

Warm climate (B.aurea, B.versicolor, B.insignis and B.suaveolens) brugmansias are perfumed and their fragrance is most strong in the early mornings and evenings. Fragrance varies in intensity and where known will be stated on our website. Cooler climate (B.arborea, B.sanguinea & B.volcanicola) brugmansias are limited with regards perfume.

What are your current free offers?

Buy any four unrooted or bare-rooted cuttings (excludes purchases of bulk mixed packs) and we'll send you a complimentary 10 pack of Datura Double Yellow Seeds with your order. This offer applies to purchases made within the one order. For further information and the full terms and conditions, click here.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated based upon the total weight of your order and automatically displayed during checkout. The following shipping options are available: Standard Parcel Post including tracking ID, from $12.00 Express Parcel Post including tracking ID, from $15.00 Standard Letter Post including tracking ID (for orders of seeds only) $6.00 Express Letter Post including tracking ID (for orders of seeds only) $10.00 Free Standard Post including tracking ID on orders $250+ Disclaimer - Important information pertaining to orders of 'seeds only': The shipping cost is automatically calculated, based on total order weight and displayed during check out. Due to website functionality limitations, it is possible for customers to change the default shipping option, to one we do not offer for 'seed only' orders. Where this occurs and where a customer chooses to pay unnecessary shipping costs, no refund shall apply. Please refer to the terms and conditions that apply to all customer orders

My order hasn't been received?

Once we have packed and shipped your order, customers are notified via email and the tracking ID provided. To track the status of your delivery, input your tracking id in the search field on Australia Posts website. Orders are checked thoroughly for correct contents and shipping address (the address provided by the customer on their order form) before being dispatched. Additionally we photograph address labels on all parcels. Once an order has left us and been taken on by Australia Post, Australia Post are solely responsible for delivery and resolving any delivery related issues should they arise. For any questions or concerns on delivery, once we've shipped your order, customer is responsible for liaising direct with Australia Post.

When will my order be shipped?

Please refer to the shipping information detailed on our website.

What length are your cuttings?

Our cuttings are a minimum 20-25cm in length. Roots and leaves (applies to rooted cuttings) are extra length. A word of advice if we may... beware sellers who try to sell you 10cm length cuttings. I've been on the receiving end as a buyer a few times recently and been sold these tiny lengths and unfortunately they don't often survive.

How do I germinate seeds?

Please click here for germination instructions.

When do Brugmansia flower?

Brugmansia flower all year round, but not as much in cooler weather, when growth slows. Brugmansia start producing flowers, above where they form a Y section in their branches. Our rooted plants are cuttings taken from above th Y, which means even though young plants, the plant will generally begin producing flowers relatively quickly. It's not uncommon to see a cutting less than 30cm in height, produce a flower that is bigger than the plant itself (see image).

Unrooted cuttings looking sickly?

No plant comes with a guarantee of success and this is obviously due to many different variables... from your own skills and know how, to growing conditions etc. Whilst brugmansia (unrooted cuttings) are very easy to propagate and we have exceptional feedback from customers with regards quality... from time to time losses are inevitable for everyone, myself included. Watch a video I've put together for some tips on how you might manage an unrooted cutting that appears to be struggling. Any information we provide, are suggestions for your consideration. You should do your own independent research to determine what works best for you in your growing environment. We do not provide a growing advice service, other than the information contained on our website.

Do you guarantee customers having success growing plants and/ seeds?

As with any plant/seed, many factors impact upon growing success, from your unique climatic conditions, to the level of care you provide and your growing skills and knowledge themselves, so the sort answer is no, we do not offer any guarantee and/ refund for any items you are unsuccessful in growing. Any purchase from us, is acceptance of these terms of sale.

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