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"Unveiling the Allure of Brugmansia Monika's Meroo Magic: A Mystical Garden Addition"

Brugmansia Monika's Meroo Magic is a beautiful double or more pink flowering brugmansia. Nodding, trumpet shaped, heavily ruffled, perfumed aurea-like flowers are produced on a vigorous plant, along the main branches. The dense, lush emerald green foliage is relatively resistant to broad-mite. My plant is growing here in Brisbane Australia, beneath a majestic Jacaranda tree and performing well in the filtered sunlight she receives through the mornings, with more shade in the afternoons. As with all pink brugmansias, this one tends to be a darker musky pink tone in warmer weather and a sweet pale musk as winter rolls around.

Hybridised by Monika Gottschalk, Monika's Meroo Magic is the result of the parenting of Brugmansia Bolero (pod parent) and Brugmansia De Moi ut Ostfreesland (pollen parent).

We don't often have this cultivar available for sale... so get in now whilst our very limited stocks last.


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