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'Amarillo Melon - Orange Candy' Seeds

Cucumis melo


  • Annual summer fruit vine

  • Bright yellow smooth skinned variety

  • Scented peachy-orange flesh with a crisp nashi pear flavour

  • Firmer than other melon varieties

  • Tolerates dry conditions


Amarillo Melon - Orange Candy is an Australian grown, super sweet Amarillo melon. Orange Candy is a juicy melon with a crisp, nashi pear like flavour. The thick exterior rind matures from green to a rich golden yellow, when fully ripe. Fully ripe melons will feel weighty for their size. Perfect served fresh.

Amarillo Melon - Orange Candy

SKU: 282
$1.99 Regular Price
$1.59Sale Price
  • Genus Cucumis
    Species Melo
    Common name Amarillo Melon - Orange Candy
    Type Frost tender annual
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