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'Atherton Raspberry' Seeds

Rubus probus


  • Annual 1 - 2m
  • Produces white flowers, followed by bright red raspberries slightly larger in size and milder in taste than exotic raspberries
  • Bee, butterfly, bird and beneficial insect attracting


Atherton Raspberry is a tropical raspberry native to Australia and PNG. It produces bright red berries, slightly larger in size and milder in taste than exotic raspberries. Typically fruits in summer and autumn, but may produce prolifically throughout most of the year in some regions. When harvesting berries, wait until the fruit practically falls off its stem when touched.


Recommended for a large pot, due to its aggressive growing vigor. Reaches 1 -2m tall and 2m wide and may be trellis-trained and pruned. For best results, choose a loamy, well-drained soil, and place your plant in full sun, though you may still get reasonable results in part shade.


Occasionally prune out old unproductive canes at the base, in spring.


Eat them fresh (raw) or use them in cakes, jams, jellies, syrups and sauces.

Atherton Raspberry

PriceFrom $2.99
  • Genus Rubus
    Species Probus
    Common name Atherton Raspberry; Wild Raspberry
    Type Annual
    Flower color White
    Foliage Green
    Perfumed flowers No
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