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'Swan River Daisy - Mixed' Seeds

Brachycome iberidifolia


  • Annual to 30cm
  • Australian native
  • Single flowers in shades of blue and mauve
  • Sweetly scented
  • Makes a supurb display in beds and containers
  • Drought tolerant


An annual to 30cm, featuring compact grey/green foliage and sweetly scented single flowers in shades of blue, mauve and white. This plant has a spreading habit, making it an ideal addition to borders, rockeries and hanging baskets. An Australian native, indigenous to West and South Australia.

Swan River Daisy - Mixed

SKU: 197
  • Genus Brachycome
    Species B. iberidifolia
    Common name Swan River Daisy - Mixed
    Type Annual
    Flower color Mix of blues and mauves
    Foliage Evergreen
    Perfumed flowers Yes
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