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'Canna - Tropical Yellow' Seeds

Canna generalis




  • Long-lived perennial
  • Height up to 60 - 75cm
  • Yellow flowers
  • Glossy emerald green foliage
  • Looks great mass planted in blocks of a single colour


Canna - Tropical Yellow... A brilliant dwarf growing canna to 75cm, producing a spectacular display of yellow flower heads on a lush, leafy plant. Ideal for adding a sub-tropical appearance to the garden. Flowers appear from late spring through autumn. Perfect for planting en masse along borders and in patio and poolside containers.



Since most of the cannas with dazzling flowers are hybrids, starting canna lilies from seed may not give you the same variety.

Canna - Tropical Yellow

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  • Genus Canna
    Species Generalis
    Common name Canna - Tropical Yellow
    Type Herbaceous perennial
    Flower color Salmon pink
    Foliage Green
    Height 60 - 75 cm
    Perfumed flowers No
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