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'Capsicum - Candy Cane' Seeds

Capsicum annuum




  • Annual to 40-60cm
  • Green and white striped fruit, that ripen to solid red
  • Sweet flavour, crispy texture
  • Medium snack size approx. 9-10cm length and 3-4cm across
  • Variegated foliage
  • High yielding
  • Suits beds and containers


Capsicum – Candy Cane is a sweet capsicum with variegated foliage, producing unusual green and white striped fruit, that ripen to solid red. A very ornamental variety. Its thin walls have a crispy texture and sweet flavour and are perfect for fresh eating at any stage of ripeness. Candy Cane is a medium snack size capsicum growing to approximately 9-10cm in length and 3-4cm across. Suitable for growing in beds or containers.

Capsicum - Candy Cane

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  • Genus Capsicum
    Species Annuum
    Common name Capsicum - Candy Cane
    Plant Type Vegetable
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