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'Confederate Rose' Seeds

Hibiscus mutabilis


Organic | Open Pollinated | Non-GMO


  • Large shrub or tree 2-3m

  • Large maple shaped leaves

  • Useful border/screen/hedging plant

  • Makes a pretty feature plant

  • Flowers March to May and November to December


Hibiscus mutabilis, commonly known as Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose or Rose of Sharon, is a large rounded, bushy, almost deciduous shrub or small tree. The large, dark green leaves are palmately lobed and the pretty, showy single flowers emerge white and age to pink. It flowers profusely through Autumn and Summer and makes for a good background shrub or feature. After flowering the plant produces round, hairy capsules, which dry before releasing fuzzy seeds. Drought tolerant, but performs best with regular watering.


A hardy plant that can tolerate mild frosts.

Confederate Rose

SKU: 426
  • Genus Hibiscus
    Species Mutabilis
    Common name Confederate Rose
    Type Perennial
    Flower color Pink and white
    Foliage Evergreen
    Perfumed flowers No
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