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'Culantro Mexican Coriander' Seeds

Eryngium foetidum


Also known as false coriander, long coriander, saw tooth coriander and ngo gai.




  • Annual
  • Edible culinary herb
  • Aromatic leaves used to season meats, vegetables, chutneys and relishes
  • Use fresh or dried
  • Ideal for pots
  • Very easy to grow
  • Heat tolerant
  • Non-GMO, organic seeds


Culantro Mexican Coriander - Native to Mexico, Central and South America, Culantro, also known as false coriander, sawtooth coriander and long coriander, is a fast growing annual. Culantro and Cilantro have similar aromas, however culantro has a much stronger flavour. Culantro is a suitable replacement for Coriander in areas where heat and humidity make growing coriander a challenge.

Culantro Mexican Coriander

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  • Genus Eryngium
    Species Foetidum
    Common name Culantro Mexican Coriander
    Plant Type Herb
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