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'Daintree Pine' Seeds

Gymnostoma australianum



A rare, native and collectable pine. Also known as the Daintree, Christmas Tree and Daintree Oak.


Slow growing evergreen native pine

3-6m H x 2-3m W

Tolerates frost and coastal conditions

Suitable as hedging, as a windbreak or in topiary

The perfect Australian Christmas tree


Endemic to a restricted area of the Daintree Rainforest, this rare, native rainforest tree goes back 300 million years to the Gondwana era. It has a naturally beautiful conical shape, that requires little to no pruning. Features attractive soft dense, deep green foliage of slender jointed needles with 4 small scale leaves at each joint. These trees do best in sheltered, humid location. They are tolerant of coastal conditions including salty winds and once established will also tolerate mild frosts. Mature trees bear cone–structure fruits 7–15 mm long X 8–15 mm wide. When ripe the cones numerous valves open to release the dark–coloured winged seeds 7–8 mm long.


Perfect for those who love to collect rare plants.

Daintree Pine

PriceFrom $3.59
  • Genus Gymnostoma
    Species Australianum
    Common name Daintree Pine
    Type Tree
    Flower color N/A
    Foliage Evergreen
    Perfumed flowers N/A
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