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'Datura Ferox - Long Spined Thorn Apple' Seeds

Datura ferox


  • Annual 45 - 90cm
  • Small white single flowers
  • Red-violet stems
  • Toxic if ingested


Datura Ferox - Long Spined Thorn Apple commonly known as fierce thornapple, is a stout, upright annual shrub 45 - 90cm in height. Its thick stems often have a red-violet color at the base. Produces tiny, single white trumpet-shaped flowers that grow upright at first, before hanging downwards later in the flowering cycle. Features large, irregularly toothed leaves, which are covered with soft downy hairs. Datura will produce spiny/bumpy fruit capsules, from which you can harvest your own seeds if desired.

Datura Ferox - Long Spined Thorn Apple

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  • Species Datura ferox
    Cultivar Unknown (common name Long Spined Thorn Apple)
    Flower form Single
    Flower position Upright/erect
    Flower color White
    Foliage Solid
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