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'Datura Innoxia - Moon Flower' Seeds

Datura innoxia


  • Perennial 60 - 150 cm
  • Perfumed white single flowers
  • Toxic if ingested


Datura Innoxia Moon Flower  has elegant, perfumed, single white, trumpet-shaped flowers that grow upright at first, before hanging downwards later in the flowering cycle. Features large, furry green foliage. Datura will produce spiny/bumpy fruit capsules, from which you can harvest your own seeds if desired.


Also known as pricklyburr, recurved thorn-apple, downy thorn-apple, Indian-apple, lovache, nacazcul, toloatzin, toloaxihuitl, tolguache or toloache, is a species of flowering plant in the family Solanaceae.

Datura Innoxia - Moon Flower

PriceFrom $5.95
  • Species Datura innoxia
    Cultivar Moon Flower
    Flower form Single
    Flower position Upright/erect
    Flower color White
    Foliage Solid


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