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'Datura Metel Fastuosa - Double Purple' Seeds


Organic | Open pollinated


  • Short lived perennial to 2m
  • Perfumed dark purple and white double or triple flowers
  • Striking black stems and dark green foliage
  • Toxic if ingested


Datura Metel Fastuosa - Double Purple is an ornamental, shrub-like plant (or short-lived perennial) to 2m, featuring perfumed double or more dark purple and white flowers, dark green foliage and black stems. Datura will produce spiny/bumpy fruit capsules (refer image), from which you can harvest your own seeds if desired.

Datura Metel Fastuosa - Double Purple

PriceFrom $3.99
  • Species Datura metel
    Cultivar Fastuosa (Double Purple)
    Flower color Purple and white
    Flower form Double or more
    Flower position Upright/erect
    Foliage Solid (black stems)
    Perfumed Yes


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