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'African Iris' Seeds

Dietes iridioides


  • Perennial
  • 60-100cm height and spread
  • Drought tolerant
  • Frost tolerant
  • Wind tolerant
  • Suits borders, pots, rockeries, mass planting and is useful as a hedging/screening plant
  • Hardy, low care plant


Also commonly known as Butterfly Iris, Cape Iris, Paroo Lily, Morea Iris and Fortnight Lily.


A native of South Africa, African Iris is a clump forming rhizomatous perennial with upright, dark green strappy leaves, growing fan-like rosettes. White, yellow and purple iris-like flowers appear Spring and throughout Summer on tall stems. Mass plant for a showy display, use dotted throughout borders or as a low, informal hedge.


Very easy to grow from seed and plants are easily dividable.

African Iris

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  • Genus Dietes
    Species Iridioides
    Common name African Lily
    Type Perennial
    Flower color White, lilac and yellow
    Foliage Evergreen
    Perfumed flowers No
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