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Brugmansia Domain


  • Single white/cream flowers
  • Perfumed
  • Blue/green velvety foliage
  • Toxic if consumed


Brugmansia Domain is an elegant single white/cream brugmansia, with velvety blue green foliage. This cultivar is a profuse flowerer, with blooms opening a very crisp snow white shade, turning to cream after being open several days. In cooler weather the flowers can be tinged with apricot shades. Blooms have a very strong perfume.


This particular variety, lends itself well to being trained as a single trunk specimen and creates a beautiful canopy of flowers, beneath which, is the ideal opportunity to plant a low growing plant in a contrasting colour eg Agapanthus - Blue. You can purchase Agapanthus seeds from us.

Brugmansia Domain

SKU: 0003
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    Cultivar name Domain
    Pod parent  
    Pollen parent  
    Flower color White/Cream
    Flower form Single
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