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'Dragon Fruit - Pearl' Seeds

Hylocereus undatus




  • Climbing perennial succulent to 1-2m (if pruned)
  • Produces edible red-skinned, white-fleshed fruit
  • Sweet crisp tropical flavour
  • Fast growing and productive
  • Can be grown in pots or the garden
  • Best suited to tropical and sub-tropical climates (will grow in cool climates if protected from frosts)


Dragon Fruit - Pearl  is a climbing succulent with large, white, nocturnal flowers in summer followed by oval-shaped fruit encased in a vibrant pink, magenta skin, with a white fleshed, seedy and sweet tropical tasting interior, much like kiwi. 


This variety is grown commercially and fruits are quite expensive to purchase. Fruits can weigh up to 900g each.

Dragon Fruit - Pearl

PriceFrom $2.59
  • Genus Hylocereus
    Species Undatus
    Common name Dragon Fruit - Pearl
    Type Long-lived perennial
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