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Brugmansia Dwarf PinknGreen


  • single pink flowers tinged with lime green
  • perfumed
  • toxic if consumed


Dwarf PinknGreen is an unusual single pink brugmansia, with lime green and white coloring in the throat of the flower and around the petal edges. The flowers are quite small, measuring approx 14cm in length, 10cm in diameter, with a calyx almost 12cm in length. Flowers have a beautiful fragrance.

Brugmansia Dwarf PinknGreen

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    Cultivar name Dwarf PinknGreen
    Pod parent Unknown
    Pollen parent Unknown
    Flower color Pink
    Flower form Single

    Photo Credit: All images are the property of Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets; one courtesy of BGI.

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