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Brugmansia Fiesta


  • double or more flowering pink flowers, with green striping and splashes of cream and yellow
  • perfumed
  • toxic if ingested


Fiesta is a double or more pink brugmansia, with subtle bright green stripes, lots of cream and yellow spots and splashes to the flowers coloring and the most delicious fragrance of soft lemon and musk. The flowers are around 22cm in length and have a waxy texture to them, resulting in them holding their shape and colour long after flowering.


Pink brugmansias are generally more strongly coloured in warmer weather. The more you feed the better the colouring.

Brugmansia Fiesta

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    Cultivar name Fiesta
    Pod parent Ruffles & Flourishes
    Pollen parent Bergkonigin
    Flower color Pink
    Flower form Double or more

    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dianne Wilson (Australia)

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