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'Ipomoea - Scarlet Morning Glory' Seeds 

Ipomoea coccinea


  • Annual
  • Fast growing climber / vine to 3m
  • Small red flowers with an orange/yellow throat
  • Solid green, heart shaped foliage
  • Bee and butterfly attracting
  • Recommended for covering unappealing fences, sheds and chicken coups
  • Can be harmful if ingested


Scarlet Morning Glory is a fast growing ornamental, annual climbing vine, that will attract bees and butterflies to your garden. Features red flowers with an orange/yellow throat and heart shaped, solid green foliage. The flowers bear capsular fruit, from which you can harvest your own seeds. Great for covering unappealing fences, including chicken coops.


Also known as Mexican Morning Glory, Redstar and Red Morning Glory, this plant is a species of the family Convolvulaceae.

Ipomoea - Scarlet Morning Glory

PriceFrom $3.95
  • Genus Ipomea
    Species Ipomoea Coccinea
    Common name Scarlet Morning Glory
    Hardiness / Lifecycle Annual
    Category / Type Climber / Vine
    Flower Form Single
    Flower Color Red with yellow throat
    Foliage Solid





    Species Ipomoea Coccinea
    Cultivar Scarlet Morning Glory
    Flower form Single
    Category Annual Vine/Climber
    Flower color Red with orange/yellow throat
    Foliage Solid


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