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'Lipstick Tree' Seeds

Bixa orellana


Organic | Open Pollinated


  • Evergreen shrub/small tree 2 - 5m
  • Pinkish/lilac and white flowers
  • Clusters of bristly heart shaped red fruit
  • Large, glossy, heart shaped foliage
  • Used as a natural food colouring
  • Drought and frost tender


Also known as Achiote or Annatto


Lipstick Tree is a beautiful, dense evergreen shrub/small tree 2-5m, with a rounded crown and large, glossy, heart shaped foliage. The tree produces pinkish/lilac and white flowers throughout summer and clusters of bristly red fruit pods borne along the branches. The trunk may be up to 10 cm in diameter. The bark is pale to dark brown in colour, sometimes fissured and lenticellate. When fully mature, the fruit splits open, to reveal lots of dark red seeds. Widely cultivated for its intensely red seeds, that are popular as a spice and commercial food colourant.


Native to South America and naturalised across Queensland. 


In the ideal conditions, this tree can grow 6-10m.

Lipstick Tree

SKU: 568
  • Genus Bixa
    Species Orellana
    Common name Lipstick Tree
    Type Half hardy Perennial
    Flower color Pinkish/lilac and white
    Foliage Evergreen or dicidious
    Perfumed flowers No
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