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'Nasturtium - Purple Emperor' Seeds

Tropaeolum majus




  • Annual 30cm
  • Semi-trailing variety
  • Purple-burgundy flowers
  • Culinary and medicinal herb with a peppery flavour
  • Suits pots, hanging baskets and rockeries,
  • Bee and butterfly attracting


Nasturtium - Purple Emperor a herbaceous annual, with a semi-trailing habit, that produces rounded green foliage and flowers that start out deep purple-burgundy, before fading to an antique rose shade and finally lavender as the flowers age. Both flowers and foliage are edible. The peppery taste is slightly stronger than that of watercress and is perfect in salads. The flowers make a colourful addition to salads and cakes.


Nasturtiums are truly beautiful, easy to grow climbing/trailing plant, suited to container growth, hanging baskets, or as a ground cover, particularly where it can trail down rockeries or over retaining walls.

Nasturtium - Purple Emperor

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  • Genus Trapaeolum
    Species Majus
    Common Name Nasturtium - Purple Emperor
    Hardiness / Life Cycle Annual
    Growth Habit Semi-trailing
    Flower Form Single
    Flower Colour Purple-burgundy, fading to antique rose
    Foliage Green
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