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'Native Raspberry' Seeds

Rubus moluccanus var. trilobus




  • Scrambling shrub or climber, forming thickets up to 10m in height
  • Produces white or pink flowers in spring and summer
  • Bright red raspberries 10-30mm in diameter follow flowering
  • Bee, butterfly, bird and beneficial insect attracting


Native Raspberry (Rubus moluccanus) is a tall, scrambling shrub or climber which can form thickets over 10 metres in height. It has stems with stiff prickles and oval to heart-shaped leaves which can reach 250 mm in diameter in some forms. The leaf margins are finely toothed. The white or pink flowers occur in spring and summer and are followed by the bright red fruits 10 – 30 mm in diameter.


Because of its habit, this is not really a plant for the small home garden. It is a hardy plant for larger properties in a sunny position and it responds well to pruning so it can be kept to manageable proportions if regularly maintained. It requires adequate water and well drained soils to perform well. The fruit is edible but the presence of some hairs can be irritating.

The species can be grown from seed which does not require any special pre-treatment. However, germination may be slow. Propagation can also be carried out using cuttings of firm, current season’s growth.

Native Raspberry

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  • Genus Rubus
    Species Moluccanus var trilobus
    Common name Native Raspberry
    Type Annual
    Flower color White or pink
    Foliage Green
    Perfumed flowers No
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