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'Ornamental Kale - Fringed Mix' Seeds

Brassica oleracea


  • Hardy biennial to 30cm (usually grown as an annual)
  • Grown for its large, vibrant, coloured leaves
  • Suitable for floral arrangements
  • Grow in garden borders or containers


Ornamental Kale - Fringed Mix is a beautiful ornamental variety of kale, grown for its colors and frilled leaf margins. Plants grow to approx 30cm and feature green outer leaves, with centres coloured in various shades of purple, white and pink. Colour improves with cold. Suits garden borders or containers.

Ornamental Kale - Fringed Mix

PriceFrom $1.49
  • Genus Brassica
    Species Oleracea
    Common name Ornamental Kale -Fringed Mix
    Plant Type Flower
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