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'Penstemon - Palmer's Penstemon' Seeds

Penstemon palmeri


  • Organic, non-GMO seeds
  • Perennial
  • White flowers tinged pink and prominent red-violet margins on the lower lip and inside the throat
  • Height 120-180cm
  • Width to 60-90cm
  • Suits pots, beds, borders, rockeries and cottage gardens
  • Drought and frost tolerant
  • Bee and butterfly attracting
  • Perfumed


Exquisitely fragrant, Penstemon Palmeri (Palmer’s Penstemon) is a showy evergreen perennial with sub-woody, branched stems, boasting long stalks adorned with a profusion of large, scented, puffed-up blossoms in late spring to early summer. Borne in clusters of 2-4 blossoms, each white flower tinged with pink, features prominent red-violet coloured guidelines on the lower lip and inside their strongly inflated throat. The flowers rise above the foliage of oppositely arranged, fleshy, grey-blue, dentate leaves, up to 10cm long. Scented penstemon has a deep fibrous taproot that makes it a good plant for water-wise landscaping, rock gardens and other ornamental plantings. Makes a great ground cover for controlling erosion. One of the most delightful species of Penstemon with its persistent foliage and abundant, fragrant flowers. Native to western United States

Penstemon - Palmer's Penstemon

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  • Genus Penstemon
    Species Palmeri
    Common name Palmer's Penstemon
    Type Perennial
    Flower color White, pink, red, violet
    Foliage Grey-blue
    Perfumed flowers Yes
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