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'Poppy - Peony Double Lilac' Seeds

Papaver paeoniflorum


  • Annual to 90cm
  • Large soft lilac double blooms
  • Blue-green foliage
  • Unusual seed pods are often used in dried floral arrangements
  • Stunning in borders or planted enmasse
  • Makes a great cut flower


Poppy Peony Double Lilac is a hardy annual to 90cm, producing large, soft lilac double blooms in Spring. The plant has blue-green foliage that perfectly compliments the showy blooms. Following flowering, seed pods are formed. The pods are used as an everlasting, keeping their color & shape for dried arrangements.


Stunning in borders, or planted en masse. Make a beautiful cut flower. 

Poppy - Peony Double Lilac

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  • Genus Papaver
    Species Paeoniflorum
    Common name Poppy Peony Double Lilac
    Type Annual
    Flower color Soft lilac
    Foliage Green
    Perfumed flowers No
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