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'Radish - Watermelon' Seeds

Raphanus sativus




  • White roots to 8cm with a vibrant pink/red centre
  • Mild, sweet flavour and crisp texture
  • Perfect in salads and air dried for healthy chips


Radish - Watermelon is a striking variety with white roots and a vibrant pink/red centre, resembling watermelon. The mild, sweet flavour and crisp texture makes them perfect for salads. You can even air dry them and make healthy chip snacks!


Radishes provide detoxifying health benefits when eaten fresh and will help in digestive health as well. Excellent variety for container gardening. Can be brown all year round in garden beds or containers.



These seeds are treated with a fungicide (Apron XL), do not eat the seeds or feed them to animals. Fungicide treatment is an AQIS requirement for certain varieties of seeds. It does not affect your crops or harm insects such as bees.

Radish - Watermelon

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  • Genus Raphanus
    Species Sativus
    Cultivar name Radish - Watermelon
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