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Brugmansia The Dancer


  • Pink double or more flowers tinged with shades of lemon and lime
  • Perfumed
  • Toxic if ingested


Brugmansia - The Dancer  produces pink double and triple flowers with the second corolla dropping well below the first and the third corolla tucked neatly up inside the second... but not always, as you can see in the photos from my plant, where she has thrown clear triples. The flowers are always a surprise, in form, colouring and fragrance. This one has a deliciously lemon scented fragrance, with notes of musk and soft baby powder. 

Brugmansia The Dancer

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    Cultivar name The Dancer
    Pod parent Angels Swingtime
    Pollen parent Naughty Nick
    Flower color Pink
    Flower form Double or more

    All photos (except one) are copyright Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets.

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