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'Tomato - Beams Yellow Pear' Seeds

Solanum lycopersicum


Organic | Heirloom | Open Pollinated


  • Indeterminate (climbing) to 150cm
  • Yellow pear-shaped cherry tomatoes
  • High yielding -  6 to 8 kg per plant
  • Flavour is sweet with a pleasant acidity level
  • Great in salads, for snacking, preserving or roasted on the truss
  • Suits beds and pots
  • Drought resistant
  • Produces well even in cooler climates
  • Early maturing - first harvest 7 weeks from transplant


Beams Yellow Pear (sometimes called Cherry Yellow Pear) is a climbing (indeterminate) American (Indiana) heirloom pear cherry tomato variety. Their firm skin and flesh make them ideal in salads or for preserving.

Tomato - Beams Yellow Pear

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  • Genus Solanum
    Species Lycopersicum
    Cultivar Beams Yellow Pear
    Growth Habit Indeterminate (climbing)
    Shape Pear-shaped cherry
    Colour Yellow
    Size Small
    Special Attributes Organic, heirloom, open pollinated
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