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'Tomato - Big Rainbow' Seeds

Solanum lycopersicum




  • Annual
  • Climbing (indeterminate) 
  • Large ribbed beefsteak tomatoes up to 900g in weight and 10cm in diameter
  • Ribbed yellow to orange fruits with pink and red marbled flesh
  • Mild sweet flavour
  • Suits pots and garden beds


Tomato - Big Rainbow is a climbing (indeterminate), heirloom beefsteak tomato, which produces ribbed yellow to orange fruits with pinki and red marbled flesh, up to 900g and 10cm in diameter. A juicy tomato with a sweet, mild flavour. Makes a visually appealing addition to any salad and is perfect sliced on burgers and sandwiches.


Big Rainbow tomato was first presented by Dorothy Beiswenger of Crookston in Seed Savers Exchange 1983, Minnesota. 

Tomato - Big Rainbow

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  • Genus Solanum
    Species Lycopersicum
    Cultivar Big Rainbow
    Growth Habit Climbing (indeterminate)
    Shape Beefsteak
    Colour Orange, pink, red
    Size Large
    Special Attributes Organic, heirloom, open pollinated
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