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'Tomato - Juane Flamme' Seeds

Solanum lycopersicum


Heirloom | Open Pollinated


  • Indeterminate (climbing)
  • Medium sized persimmon orange coloured fruits
  • High yielding
  • Flavor with a hint of citrus
  • Suits pots and garden beds
  • Early maturing within 70 days


Tomato - Juane Flamme is a French heirloom salad tomato has persimmon orange skin and flesh. An early maturing, high yielding plant. Flavour is full bodied with a hint of citrus, and the spectacular colour is maintained when the fruits are dried. Keep the suckers picked to avoid scrambly growth. The bright orange fruits are medium sized, plump, delicious and quite juicy.

Tomato - Juane Flamme

SKU: 363
  • Genus Solanum
    Species Lycopersicum
    Cultivar Juane Flamme
    Growth Habit Indeterminate (climbing)
    Shape Round
    Colour Persimmon orange
    Size Medium
    Special Attributes Heirloom, open pollinated
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