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'Tomato - Silvery Fir Tree' Seeds

Solanum lycopersicum


 Organic | Heirloom


  • Determinate (bush)
  • American heirloom released 1958
  • Medium to large, round red fruit to 7-10cm across
  • Thick, firm flesh
  • Suits pots and garden beds


Tomato - Silvery Fir Tree is a Russian heirloom, producing large, red, beefsteak tomatoes with a slightly citrusy flavour. An unusual dwarf plant with delicate, lacy leaves that have a silvery sheen. Early maturing. Does very well in cooler climates. Great for eating fresh, juicing or preserving.

Tomato - Silvery Fir Tree

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  • Genus Solanum
    Species Lycopersicum
    Cultivar Silvery Fir Tree
    Growth Habit Determinate (bush)
    Shape Beefsteak
    Colour Red
    Size Large
    Special Attributes Organic, heirloom, open pollinated
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