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Brugmansia... The ideal plant for swimming pool landscaping

From time to time customers ask us "Are Brugmansia suitable to plant near swimming pools?", specifically, they want to know whether the root system is invasive or not.

Poolside garden design, calls for low maintenance plants, capable of withstanding your pools microclimate.. humidity levels rise with heated pools, generally plants will be in full to partial sun and they are likely to be splashed with chlorine from time to time.

Brugmansia are considered one of the best plants for swimming pool landscaping. The above image shows a very established brugmansia, happily coexisting with a magnificent inground swimming pool.

Brugmansia do drop some leaves and of course dead flowers, but this loss is minimal and won't pose a problem when it comes to pool maintenance.

Whilst the root systems of Brugmansia can become huge, they've not been known to cause structural damage. Just be sure you plant them where you want them growing long term, because the base of the plant, once established, will pose quite a task to remove, should you ever decide to!

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