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Brugmansia Wow! v's Sugared Almond

Let's talk about two pink double or more flowering brugmansia cultivars, Sugared Almond and Wow!. Both can at times throw triple flowers, which mine do, here in the sunny temperate conditions of Brisbane, Australia, However... that's where the similarities end... so let's get down to the nitty gritty and compare!

Featured above are three photos of Sugared Almond, showing her triple blooms and upright growth.

Sugared Almond, is without doubt one of our most popular selling Brugmansia cultivar. With very upright growth, she makes an ideal canopy plant to tower above lower shrubs. In my Brisbane gardens she grows above Port Wine Magnolia (Michelia Figo), dwarf clipped umbrella trees (Schefflera Arboricola), Camellia hybrids, Agapanthus, Brazilian Walking Iris (Neomarica Gracilis) and Chinese Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoide). From my bathroom window, I admire her unusual alien like blooms.

As pretty as Sugared Almond is, there are some attributes I dislike in her. The flowers have a messy, imperfect form and she also throws malformed flowers from time to time, as some brugmansias do. Aside from the benefits she offers as a canopy plant, I'm just not a fan of the upright growth, much preferring the umbrella like spreading that many brugmansias more easily form into... and this is where I prefer the brugmansia cultivar Wow! ... featured in the slider gallery below.

Wow! has a beautiful spreading umbrella like growth (of course you can clip to the desired size and shape), with large deep green foliage and perfectly formed mid pink flowers, that I often think look like they could be made of wax, such is their perfection. Though both Wow! and Sugared Almond grow within 5 meters of one another in my gardens, the grasshoppers absolutely ravage the leaves of Sugared Almond, but don't seem to touch Wow!, again making her a natural standout in my garden.

Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets have plenty of stock of both Sugared Almond and Wow!, so be sure to place your order online today. Why not challenge yourself and grow both these cultivars... let me know your views on which is the better grower! #buyangelstrumpetsonline #brisbanebrugmansia #brugmansia #angelstrumpets #sugaredalmond #wow #brisbaneplantsonline #australianbrugmansiasonline #exoticplants #australiangardens

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