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Flowering Fiesta


After so many patient attempts at propagatinh Fiesta cuttings, finally success was mine a few months back... today her first flower has been open four days now. What a beauty!

Not a lot unlike the uniqueness possessed by Brugmansia ‘Sugared Almond’, Brugmansia ‘Fiesta’ flowers are unusually impressive. The flower texture has a waxy appearance, resulting in flowers that maintain their shape and colour well. And what an interesting colour combination these flowers have too... mid salmon pink, splashed with bright green and cream streaks and random mottled splotches of cream, lemon yellow and pale pink. At 22cm in length it’s not a long flower by any means and the corolla tube for a shorter flower length is a wide 5cm across. They have a soft perfume that I’d describe as having hints of lemon and musk... of course smell is very subjective, so don’t go holding me to that!! The shorter, wide leaves are a solid emerald green colour. Compared to many other brugmansias I grow, Fiesta also seems quite pest resistant And that’s saying something here in Queensland where aphids and grasshoppers are an unpleasant reality.

Once mine finishes flowering, I’ll be transplanting from pot to the garden, so expect to have rooted cuttings available from summer 2019.

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